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Thelma & Mitch Wadlington Nursing Scholarship Fund

Kyesha Wadlington, a pediatric registered nurse and founder of the TMW Scholarship Fund, created this scholarship to honor the late Thelma and William Mitch Wadlington, her grandparents who raised her in Chicago, IL. Alongside her village of family and friends, her grandparents provided financial support for the costs of nursing school when personal funds were not always readily available. They were her constant support system throughout her journey of becoming a Registered Nurse.

The TMW Scholarship Fund aims to give that same support to African-American Nursing students embarking on a similar nursing school journey. This scholarship will help the graduates of an Accredited Nursing program pay for the National Nursing Licensure Exam fees, also known as the NCLEX exam. In addition, the scholarship will help pay for the costs associated with becoming licensed in the state of Illinois.

The TMW Scholarship Fund is designed to assist female and male African American Nursing students who are Chicago Native, graduating from an accredited nursing program in May or December of the current year with a GPA average of 3.0. Applicants must complete the application, which includes a brief explanation of why and how this scholarship will benefit you in jumpstarting your career as a Registered Nurse.

The application officially opens on October 20th, 2021.

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