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Become a Donor

Thank You for Your Interest in Becoming a Donor!

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Why Donate?

At Eva's Home, Donors are a big part of our family! Whether you donate just once or monthly, as a donor, you are an integral and welcome addition to our fast-growing organization.

Perks of Being a Donor

There are rewards and perks, that being a donor can get you, including discount tickets to some of our events throughout the year, exclusive content from our store and so much more! Make sure to sign up now and donate.

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How We Use your Donation?

We appreciate every donation that we are given and use it to keep the non-profit running. Specifically 

  • 70% of each donation goes to our programming 

  • 20% of each donation goes to administration and running costs

  • 10% of each donation goes to help support our fundraising efforts.

Questions about donations including non-monetary donations can be directed to


Let's Make A Change

Here are more ways you can donate:




By Mail

PO BOX Coming Soon 

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