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Board of Directors

Aryn Williams-Vann

President and Chief Executive Officer

Aryn Williams-Vann, a Chicago native and currently a Missouri resident, is passionate about helping children and uplifting her community.


Aryn dedicates Eva's Home, Incorporated to her late grandmother Eva M. Williams because without her wisdom, support and guidance Aryn would not be the woman she is today. Eva's Home strives to convey her grandmother's, Eva, good spirit to every young woman we encounter, letting them know they have someone like Eva Williams in her corner. Aryn created Eva’s Home Inc. to empower young African-American girls and teach self-confidence and self-worth to help girls grow up to be their best selves. Aryn says, “When people give to and assist children, they are giving to their future. Uplifting these girls create a stronger future for all of us.” Aryn’s life purpose is to use her resources and skills to reduce the gap between the African-American community and the legal system and present the African-American community with various beneficial opportunities.


Aryn is a newly licensed attorney in the state of Missouri. She is currently working as a Zubrow Fellow with the Juvenile Law Center. Aryn graduated from the University of Missouri School of Law in 2019 with a Juris Doctorate with a Criminal Justice concentration. She also graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia in 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Sociology, a minor in Political Science with an American Constitutional Democracy concentration, and a Multicultural Certificate.

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Roshanda Vann

Financial Director and Chief Financial Officer

Roshanda (Williams) Vann, a Chicago native, is the youngest daughter of our namesake, Eva M. Williams.  She was honored when founder, Aryn (daughter), asked her to be a part of Eva’s Home, Incorporated.  


Eva was a smart, fun-loving, spiritual, gifted, great-cooking, faith-filled woman of God, and everyone she met was welcomed in her home and especially around her table. Eva taught Roshanda to be a loving parent without saying a word but by actions and poise.  Roshanda wants to impart that same feeling of warmth and belonging to every person and girl Eva’s Home, Incorporated meets, whether a part of the program or not.


Roshanda is an Insurance Advisor by profession. However, working with children and helping them excel is her passion.  She was a member of the scholarship committee of the Apostolic Pentecostal Church of Morgan Park for 15 years, a volunteer for “By the Hand,” and has volunteered over 200 hours as a tutor. She has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Southern Illinois University.  


Roshanda’s Motto is, “We may encounter many defeats, but we must not be defeated!”

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Jamye Vann

Public Relations Director

Jamye Vann, a Chicago native, is a business-minded college student who brings her unique viewpoint and social media skills to Eva’s Home, Incorporated. Jamye joined Eva’s Home, Incorporated to become a part of an organization that helps young ladies. She never wants any young woman, like herself,  to feel as if there is no outlet to safely express herself nor to feel like she is alone when dealing with different trials and tribulations in life


Jamye is currently in her second year as an undergraduate student at the University of Missouri-Columbia and searching for her purpose. Jamye is passionate about volunteering with kids, dancing, and becoming an entrepreneur.

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